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[16 Feb 2010|01:29am]
Yesterday for Valentine's Day, I cut my nicotine patch in the shape of a heart before putting it on. When I took it off, I had a nice, black, crusty outline of a heart that will now take several days to fully wash away. Thank you, crazy rash-inducing adhesive. 24-hours later, I'm still celebratin'!
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[10 Feb 2010|01:41pm]
Topher slept over last night...we couldn't think of anything to do but it was still fun :) The three of us were snowed in. For the second time in a week, it has snowed more than it did all last winter. You can fact check me on that lol.

I think I'll make sweet potato fries this afternoon.
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[10 Feb 2010|01:25pm]
Watching Lost is like having sex...we don't always want to do it at the same time.
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[24 Jan 2010|01:13am]
I'm starting to use phrases like, "Before the fire" and "After the fire" when I talk about myself. I wonder if it will always be like that or if this is just a glitch in the lives of Katie and Adam.
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[18 Jan 2010|02:05am]
I can't seem to buy myself anything to make me feel better.
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Things We Lost in the Fire Part 2. [10 Jan 2010|11:49pm]
Before we went in to see the damage, Adam walked me to the side of the building our spare room is on. The ground was covered with my life. The pink sterilite container I kept my tee-shirt collection in was warped and black. I saw my wedding shoes under what used to be my chest of drawers and my desk chair. Photos were everywhere. The cards we got for our wedding also seemed to be wherever I looked. Pieces of my favorite outfits, the desk, marge simpson slippers, cds, paperwork, my jewelry ar moire, a sea of clothing. It was so bad we didn't even notice the couch under the rubble. We looked everywhere for my purse with no luck. I had to get away from there.

When I went into the apt I naturally expected the worst. I was right. I walked up the stairs and I saw the shelf with hooks we hang our coats on. Charred. On top of it I had my cake-topper from our wedding. Same thing. I didn't think I'd be able to make it through the rest of the apt and this was only the first wall. I turned to head toward the scene of the crime (our spare room) and I saw Adam's paintings on the left side. At one time his artwork was full of colors weaving together into shapes. Now they were reduced to black ash and bumps where the acrylic had once been. I couldn't bare to look at the right side of the hallway. When I did I saw two black rectangles. They used to be my favorite heirloom. They were portraits of my Great-Grandmother and my Great-Grandfather. They were hand-drawn and in color. At this point, I thought I was going to get sick. I headed to the bathroom but something stopped me. I had to see the rest of it. Looking back, I also think I was too shocked.

We walked into the spare room. The smell was thick. It was a mixture of smoke and perfume. I had maybe five full bottles on my dresser and I could smell every one of them. The only thing left on the floor besides our two-sided dresser was black ash. Everything else had been tossed out the window. I immediately turned to the closet. I thought maybe something salvageable would be inside. There was a white spot on the black wall were my wedding dress used to be.
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Things We Lost in the Fire. [10 Jan 2010|09:03pm]
Saved: Most of my Barbie ornaments, bed frame, xbox, wii, computers, adam's ds, wedding bouquet, dvds, ENTIRE BOOKSHELF WITH BOOKS, my husband, me.

Burned: Pictures from West Chester/HACC/High School, wedding dress, my antique owl necklace from my great-grandmother, juicy watch, lamb watch, gucci shades, waterford picture frame, tee-shirt collection, most of my clothes, all my shoes, antique bedroom furniture, desk, desk chair, both couches, all kitchen appliances and dishes, lifetime of memories.
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Still Poppin' [27 Oct 2009|08:11pm]
This weekend I'm going to a halloween party with Adam and Nichole. I will be Mario, Nichole will be Luigi, and Adam will be the Princess.

I don't hate my new job. Actually, I really enjoy it. I wish I had some more friends but that'll come in time. Oh, and I'm not going to lie...I really miss the gossip lol. Nothing I like more than some friendly work place gossip that doesn't involve me. I do like tabloid thursdays though.

I can't wait to hand out candy on Thursday! I'm serious this year. I made up treat bags for the little trick-or-treaters and bought some cheap candy for the 16-year-old's dressed as punk vampires.

omg fuck twilight

I just got done reading Push by Sapphire. Couldn't put it down. I wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting into before I sat through the movie. oh and I want Mariah to win the Oscar for the speach alone, "OMG NICK MY SOULMATE COME UP HERE AND SHARE THIS WITH ME"

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yep yep yep [24 Jul 2009|11:21am]
I can not stand people who insist on splitting checks down the middle instead of paying for what they actually ate. Sorry, man....I didn't get two appetizers and the steak.
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Maxim Zoom-Dweebie [03 Jul 2009|10:36pm]
Adam is playing D&D with 4 other grown men in the living room right now. They have been doing this every friday night for several months. The game is quite nerdy. Sometimes I hear different voices come out of Adam's brother. I tried to play with them once and figured out quite quickly that this game is not and was never for me. Adam has so much fun with it though. Deep down wayyyy past the super judgmental part and the piece that makes me feel embarrassed for others, I find myself to be very supportive of D&D. I had to overcome a lot within to be ok with 5 guys in their mid to late twenties playing fantasy pretend land. In my living room. But I love Adam and they really enjoy themselves. (Plus, I'm sure none of them would ever admit it, but there is a fair amount of male bonding happening too.)
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[13 Jun 2009|12:53pm]
Well, the results are in and I did not get the job. In all honesty, I'm really ok with it. I like what I'm doing right now a lot and I think I'd be lonely in the AP office all day. I just really wanted the cash. It turns out, they decided not to pick anyone that applied. So...we all sucked lol.

Yesterday, Dianne came in shopping with her three boys and said, "Say 'Hi' to Mrs. Luebbers!" And they did in unison!

Next week I'm going to be in Reading helping to open a store.

...and the week after, Hershey Park with Kimmie!
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These Shoes Rule....These Shoes Suck [10 Jun 2009|11:54am]
If they don't announce the AP job at work this week I'm going to start stealing. AP meaning assets protection. That's right, I'll be the tool yelling at teenagers to stop loitering. For double the pay I'm currently earning.

Every time I get excited to ride my bike, it rains. Actually, it's been raining non-stop since the pool opened. My bike is so sweet. It looks like it's straight out of Mary Poppins...except bright pink. I like to put on ridiculous outfits and go cruising. Factory Street is my favorite because there's always "gangs" of tweens on their bikes/boards all looking at me on my sissy bike.

Adam, Daniel, and I went to the bar at 2pm on Saturday afternoon. I had two delish dranks and passed out on the couch when I got home. It was really fun though...just pissing away the afternoon in the Gman.

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[05 Feb 2009|06:01pm]
Today I cleaned and scrubbed and cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen. I also got a venti white chocolate mocha latte from starbucks...580 calories of deliciousness. Adam and I are going to see Rachel Getting Married at the Carlisle Theatre this evening.
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[03 Feb 2009|10:05pm]

The other day I was telling Adam how I miss being able to go back a year and read what I was doing. It's been ages since I updated regularly. To be quite honest, my life isn't very eventful but I certainly think a lot with all the free time I have.

Here are a few things I would like to share.

1. I got married. That in itself is pretty awesome.

2. ...but, with getting married, that means my last name has changed. That's right, katiekizay is no longer. Coming up with a new nickname/journal seems kind of exhausting atm so I will be sticking with this one until further notice. Also, I don't think I really want to go by Kate or even Katie anymore. "Luebbers, Kathleen" sounds/looks a lot better than "Luebbers, Kate". Lets break this down:

Luebbers, Kate

Kathleen it is!

3. For those of you that do not know, Jessica Simpson got fat.

4. I really hate my job.

5. Adam and I went to the inauguration with Moira and Vlad. We didn't get anywhere near Obama/the parade but it felt really good to be in that crowd. Every time people ask how it was all I can say is, "I really felt like I was part of something."
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I love you, Brother! [24 Jan 2008|08:57am]
That "Brother's Forever" guy on AI was the funniest piece of tv I've seen in a long time. Even if it was written, that shit deserves an Emmy.

OMG, and Paula dancing during his performance.

Lets see, lets see. I think I picked out a wedding dress this past weekend. It's not either of the ones I posted last week but it is 2wice as awesome. I'd like to describe more but Mr Luebbers reads this and I would like to keep the dress a secret until the wedding day. Expect a "friends only" update with dress/bridesmaid dresses on display.

I should be doing my yoga worksheets right now. We get homework once a week in there. I understand giving a few assignments during the semester but I've done more work in yoga than I've done in my other classes. ...and it's only worth one credit.
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WEEKEND UPD8!!! [14 Jan 2008|08:21am]
On Friday night I went to Kt Carr's house and watched The Nanny Diaries with her and Melissa. Damnitall, I didn't hate that movie. I think Lohan would have been better for the role, but that is because I love me some Lohan. Also, that ScarJo had the most adorable outfits...and I think she looks a lot like a certain Shannon Hunsecker. After that I went to Adam's and passed out. All this workin' and schoolin' is exhaustin'!

Saturday was quite disappointing. My mother and I tried to find me a weddin' dress but when we tried to go to the bridal shoppes I found online, we discovered that all but one is out of business. Supid google. Stupid non-updated GPS. Adam and I had a fun afternoon together. He DL'd a new game for me to play on my computer (The Movies) and I got some enjoyment out of it. Micromanaging is my forte'. That evening Topher came over and watched Blow with us. I liked it ok but I still hate Johnny Depp.

Sunday I slept in and loved every minute of it. Then we went to lunch with Moira at Javid's. Mo introduced us to her new bf...who was very cordial and attentive. :) After lunch, Moira and I went to see Lars and the Real Girl and Adam went home. Lars was so touching...and the parts where it could have been corny, weren't at all. And Ryan Gosling is my boyfriend.

The John Gross delivery is here so I'mma wrap this up. Man, I watched a lot of movies this weekend.
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furst dai [10 Jan 2008|07:04am]
So yesterday was my first day of classes. It actually wasn't so bad. Except text books still cost wayyy more than they're worth (that probably sounds awful, as education is priceless). I can already tell that my humanities teacher lectures everything from the book so having it is really for the people too lazy to take notes. $120 down the drain. I dunno why we even use a book in politics. Isn't there a .gov I can look up?

Anyways, to get my assiocate's degree, I have to take 4 more gen-ed courses and a gym. I'm a little rusty seeing as how it's been 2 years since I've been in a classroom. After reading over my humanities syllabus yesterday, I realized that I'm going to be fine haha. Our two "big" papers have to be between 2-4 pages. Ridiculous. I'm sure that both of my 300-level "writing intensive" courses at West Chester have more than prepared me for the monster that is Intro to Humanities.

I suppose the only thing standing between me and a hard-earned 4-year 2-year degree is discipline. Now, what I'm about to say might come off as a shock but I feel like my experience at Ross will help a lot with that. This is also my last chance for awhile to finish school. If I don't graduate, I could end up working at said past employer, or something similar, and that is simply not an option. I totally regret switching majors 5 times in college. Had I not, I would have been done 2 years ago.
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Can I get my punk ass off the street? [09 Jan 2008|07:00am]
One semester and a summer class left...hooooray!

You know what I hate? People who talk online like this:

"Hiiiiiiiii, wantttttt toooo do somethingggggggggg afttttterrrrr classsssss? Letttttts go tooooo the malllllllll."

What is the point of all those extra letters? I understand using some extras sometimes for emphasis but every single word is just annoying. My sister Kimmie's myspace wall is full of comments with 300 extra letters.

You know what else I hate? All the customers I had early in the morning this week have been teenagers skipping school. I was so terrified of ever getting caught that I never even thought about skipping. I also couldn't drive. Although, I don't think that the kids yesterday could either because when they left Taxi THEY WALKED ACROSS THE STREET AND RIGHT ONTO CAMPUS LOL.

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Recent Events: [08 Jan 2008|07:02am]
1. The TV works at work again...giving me two solid hours of Saved by the Bell every morning.
2. School starts....tomorrow. I only have to go to three classes until the end of the month. Then Environmental science starts.
3. We met with the priest yesterday and here's what I learned about marriage. You get married to have sex and make babies. Period.
4. Speaking of marriage....less than 9 months to go.
5. Allergies are a BITCH.
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Taxi Wisdom #4 [21 Dec 2007|09:56am]
If you ever find yourself slicing meat at a deli here's a good tip on easy clean-up. After using the slicer, whipe it down with a dry rag before washing. It helps get all those troublesome chunks and residue off faster because they are most likely moist and will stick to the dry cloth. After that, wash with a wet rag/soap.
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